About our studio

About our studio


Our Awesome Story

Karaja Consulting Architecture has been established as an independent design studio in Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design, registered in the National Business Register in 2009. The company is presented with a quality staff of architects and has carried out very good collaborations with partner engineering studios construction and plant engineering.

By managing, in the last years 2013-2016, several contracts (JVs) for major complex projects in the field of energy efficiency and construction.

The Studio has a successful experience in managing architectural projects and public infrastructure for state and local companies as well as for international companies.

The company has very good expertise in the field of urban planning, transportation networks, regional and environmental development as well as experience in applying energy efficiency measures in public buildings and improving the environment in cities.

Our architects have expertise with the legal framework in the field of urban planning, informal constructions and legalization. Our staff has organizational skills and coordinates with private clients, state authorities.

Ability to advise, create and maintain relationships between partners involved at all levels of central and local government. Architects staff communicates very well in several foreign languages and has experience at regional and international level in developing analysis, data collection and market analysis.


Our Skills

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Our Fantastic Team

Aldor Karaja

Executive director founder

Armand Striniqi

Associate Principal